About Us

“Nashaamukt” has become one of the highly demanded Nasha Mukti Kendra that relieves the addicted person from Alcohol, Smoking, Gutkha, Drugs etc.

We understand that recovery is not easy it takes hard work. We have qualified team of counselors and doctors to help you or your loved one escape from the desert of addiction.


Sometimes the most obvious addiction symptoms are simply observing that something is wrong or different.

Understand that the person addicted is often the last one to know there is a problem, or be willing to admit that there may be a problem. If you have these drug addiction symptoms you should consider going into drug rehab!

Lying About or Hiding Your Drinking

Denial is common with people having problems with alcohol, so both problem drinkers and alcoholics might drink secretively or lie about how much they drink to make it seem like less of an issue.

Drinking to Relax or Feel Better

If you drink more when you’ve had a stressful day or need a drink to feel like you can really relax, it’s a big sign that you’re using alcohol as an emotional crutch.

Being Unable to Stop Once You Start

If you always finish a bottle of wine once it’s opened or drink all the beer in the house once you’ve had one, it’s another sign you aren’t in full control of your drinking.